Reunion Planning Commitee

May 17, 2009

1:30-2:00 p.m. (PST)

Reunion Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

Skype Conference Call

Participants: Kim Browne, Tricia Houston, Anh Ðào Kolbe, and Jacob Wood.


Kim Browne passed on that Vikki needs to speak to Anh Ðào in regards to her documentary. Anh Ðào has not talked to her. She will consider the protection of all of us first and foremost. (5/25/09 - Vikitoria has sent Anh Ðào a message about her documentary since this meeting took place.)

April 2010 Vietnamese Adoptee Reunion in Vietnam

Kim is working with the travel agent to arrange travel.

Kim suggested to send out reminders about the upcoming reunion.

6/15/09 - There is an event page for the April 2010 Vietnamese Adoptee Reunion in Veitnam now up on Facebook. People can confirm if they are attending this reunion and keep updated with information.
May 3, 2009

1:30-2:00 p.m. (PST)

Reunion Planning Committee Meeting Minutes

Skype Conference Call

Participants: Kim Browne, Tricia Houston, Anh Ðào Kolbe, and Jacob Wood.

Reunion 2010

Kim said that there are two other reunion trips planned for Vietnam in 2010. Kim suggests that we have to get an event page up on FB. Jacob likes the Operation Reunite in the title of the reunion.
We can post the Survey Monkey on our individual FB walls that it must be done by the end of May. Then promote the event page on our individual FB walls.

Anh Ðào said that we might lose people who are interested in going back to go with other tours.

We were talking about planning the trip for the beginning of April 2010 to meet up with the other tours.

Branding of the reunion is important.

Title of the Reunion: Operation Reunite Adoptee Tour – Vietnam April 2010

Mission Statement:

Operation Reunite Adoptee Tour - Vietnam April 2010

This reunion is designed by adoptees and is for adoptees and their families. It is a chance to visit places of personal significance while also having plenty of time for recreation. All adoptees are welcome on this trip. Please join us on this opportunity to visit your homeland with fellow adoptees.


April 26, 2009

1:00-2:00 p.m. (PST)

Planning Meeting Minutes

Skype Conference Call

Participants: Kim Browne, Trista Goldberg, Tricia Houston, Anh Ðào Kolbe, and Jacob Wood.

Reunion 2010

Trista reported there are 33 people who are interested in going on the reunion. Including family, 57 people are interested in participating. Some are on Facebook and a lot are not on Facebook.

Trista also reported that Tammy Nguyen Lee wants to do a supplementary DVD that would accompany the documentary DVD release. What does everyone feel about that? There were feelings of our original documentary by the adoptees for adoptees (Dom’s documentary plans) being overshadowed with an additional documentary. Also, the participants were thinking of the first time visitors’ feelings of being filmed and having an emotional moment captured on film for all to see. Many participants may not want to be filmed at all for anything. It was also expressed that there might be too many cameras/documentaries there for filming. Trista said that the hotel contacts are more willing to give free hotel accommodations if there was a documentary to be filmed. Anh Ðào volunteered to take on the media coordinator title to manage the media aspects of the reunion. Trista said that it is best to have Tammy call in to a planning committee conference to explain what she wants to do with the reunion.

Kim asked if every two weeks until deadline of survey that the deadline is approaching that we can send out messages to the OR members on Facebook to complete the survey as a reminder.

Trista asked if we should have an event page on FB for our Reunion 2010. We should have a title for our reunion. Trista came up with Adoptees Reunion in Vietnam. Kim and Anh Ðào suggested having Operation Reunite in the title. Kim also said to have the 35th Anniversary in the title. Tricia expressed that the other reunions will be focusing on a lot on Operation Babylift and the 35th anniversary but the title of our reunion should encompass all adoptees who are going on the reunion (i.e. prior babylift and OBL adoptees). Trista said it wasn't necessary to put OR in the title. Anh Ðào suggested that there be a "tag line" with a reference to OR under the reunion title.

Anh Ðào asked the purpose of the reunion of a purpose of conference or getting people there. Jacob explained that the reunion is for tours (i.e. meeting Amerasians, orphanages, etc.) but for down time too. Anh Ðào said it will be historic if it is 33 or 200 people involved in the reunion.

Kim suggested for us to put up the link to the survey on our individual Facebook pages/walls.


Planning Meeting
April 5, 2009

In Attendance:
Trista Goldberg
Jacob Wood
Kim Browne
Anh Dao Kolbe
Tricia Houston

Reunion to Vietnam
Trista said that 16 people completed the survey. She will upgrade the Survey Monkey account.
26 people are interested in the trip, including adoptees’ family members. We are estimating that we might have 100 people. The idea of the trip is having great timing with the documentary. Everyone is coming forward with interest with the trip.
Kim will contact her contacts at the airlines.

Trista and Tricia are looking into the grants. We are thinking that when we write one or two grants and get the cover letter and general information, then we will have a “format” for the grant writings.

Trista created a Wiki. A Wiki is like a Wikipedia, a site that will be updated to write grant proposals and anyone who has the admin can update and edit. Keep Wiki open for people to help with grant writings and objectives of OR. The Wiki is not necessarily restrictive for the adoptees only and for our conferences. Trista will give us admin rights to edit the information.

We agreed it was a good idea to have a central OR site, Wiki.
Kim suggested to add on to OR “Vietnamese Adoptee.” Trista can name the Wiki site with many different names so it can be searched on a search engine.

Survey Monkey
We looked at survey monkey can go over the questions.
We will put a deadline for the survey completion for the end of May 2009. Then we will compile the answers and who is committed to attending the reunion. [completed 4/7]
The topic of media can be asked to the people who are committed to the reunion.

Individual Responsibilities
Media is open for Anh Dao if she chooses.
Trista, Jacob, and Tricia are reviewing grants and will write grant applications.
Kim will contact the airline and hotel contacts that she has listed.
Trista will e-mail the members of OR to complete the survey by the end of March 2009. [Finished 4/7]
April 19 we will have a planning committee meeting 30 minutes before the regular conference. [Trista can not attend]

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