These the the grants we are looking for:

Project Grant/Planning Grant
Reunion 2010
Amerasian Project
DNA Project

Some companies will allow you to submit multiple applications and some will limit it to just one. Check to see if there are any restrictions.

Outline of Entire Proposal:

  • Cover letter
  • Executive Summary
  • Grant proposal narrative

1 * Statement of purpose
2 * Needs Statement
3 * Process narrative
4 * Key personnel
5 * Audience
6 * Evaluation
7 * Summary

  • Budget

Operation Reunite
206 East Patcong Avenue
Linwood, NJ 08221

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation David R. Nguyen might be helpful with getting a contact name Still need to update LOI
PO Box 23350
Seattle, WA 98102

March 13, 2008

RE: Operation Reunite Letter of Inquiry

Dear Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation,

Operation Reunite is submitting a Letter of Inquiry to apply for funding. We read the Narrative Guidelines and hope to be invited to submit a full proposal.

Quantity and Type of Support

$800,000 in general operating support over 36 months to Operation Reunite starting June 2008.

The Needs Statement

Operation Reunite is an organization which brings about awareness of the Vietnam War and provides support and understanding to approximately 3000 Vietnamese war babies brought to the United States and other countries like France and Australia. The organization offers search support and helps you realize what to expect from the Vietnamese culture, language, customs, and family.

Project Information

Operation Reunite ( is currently working on a project to create a database for Vietnamese birth families searching for relinquished children. These people can fill out a questionnaire that might lead to a reunion. The more identifying information that they can provide, the easier it will be to make a match. A copy of the brochure that we are using to create this database is enclosed. We have decided to network with existing businesses that are active in Vietnam today. We are targeting business in Vietnam to set up a network, building alliances with airlines, hotels, coffee shops, mobile phone companies and banks. The birth families can either contact our website with the help of someone that is computer literate or contact our correspondents in Vietnam or in the United States. We hope to set up kiosks in specific locations in exchange for free advertising on our site and to encourage donations for good public relations.

Below is the roll out plan for expanding our network and creating an International database:

Phase I

Phase I is to create an international database for Vietnamese adoptees and birth families for the purpose of reuniting families. The justification is to bring peace to families that were torn apart because of the war or hardship. We plan to implement kiosks throughout Vietnam by utilizing brick and mortar businesses. The ultimate goal is to reconnect adoptees with birth families.

Phase II

We seek to set up job placement opportunities in local businesses throughout Vietnam for Vietnamese adoptees who want to experience Vietnam and search for their culture, identity and possibly birth families.

Phase III

Finally, we plan to create a first ever DNA database for everyone who wants to find a lost family member. This will help reconnect people who do not have any information or documentation of their families. A counseling program will be needed to help support the families before, during and after a reunion.

Operation Reunite documents our searches with video and photos which allows everyone to understand and appreciate the richness and gratitude of the people we touch by assisting with a search. Many of the people who contact us receive invaluable advice and support that help to make their search journey more pleasant. We gauge our progress by the number of people we help search and find their roots and heritage. They eventually find ways to give back and help their families in Vietnam. Everyone benefits from these reunions.

Families will be able to reconnect on their own terms and find answers to a past that was filled with uncertainty. We want to bridge the world with Vietnam and bring peace and understanding to everyone.

Organizational Information

Operation Reunite is a nonprofit organization dedicated in its mission to provide information and support to Vietnamese Adoptees. One of the larger efforts of extracting these adoptees out of Saigon in 1975 was called Operation Babylift-a wartime event in which approximately 3000 orphaned Vietnamese babies were airlifted from war-torn Vietnam and adopted by families in the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia.

Operation Reunite offers search support to help reunite families separated by the Vietnam War. In addition, we seek to create an awareness and understanding of the Vietnam War era and present an overview of Vietnamese culture, language, customs, and family traditions to help make your journey through time and history more meaningful.

Operation Reunite was created in 2001 after the founder, a Vietnamese adoptee, searched and found her birth family in Vietnam.

We hope to provide valuable information and support to the Vietnamese Adoptee Community past, present and future. We understand how difficult it is to make the decision to search or explore your heritage and we will be a resource for anyone who might be ready to search now or later. Operation Reunite attended the 2007 Heritage Camp in Denver and set up a workshop for adoptive parents who just adopted from Vietnam. We realize that what their children will face is different then those of the Babylift generation but we can still be resources for both the adoptive parents and the adoptees when they need us. We recently found a birth mother for a nine year old adoptee last December. The adoptive parents and child are planning a reunion in June of 2008.

Below you will find our budget for the current fiscal year. We are just now seeking grants from private and government agencies to expand the organization and help more people.


Ford Foundation Inquiry:

Briefly describe your organization (100 words)
Operation Reunite is an organization which brings about awareness of the Vietnam War and provides support and understanding to approximately 3000 Vietnamese war babies brought to the United States and other countries like the U.K., France and Australia. The organization offers search support and helps you realize what to expect from the Vietnamese culture, language, customs, and family.

Our dream is to link together communities that share a passion for reform and to create a platform for peer sharing. Information about adoption, Amerasian issues, and how to network with Vietnamese communities, can bring our world closer together.
Three decades after Operation Babylift … comes Operation Reunite.

List those who will be engaged in the project along with their qualifications. (100 words maximum)

Project Information/describe the purpose of the project (100 words)
Here are some of our projects:

  • General/Core Support
    • Organizing a reunion in Vietnam 2010 for Vietnamese Adoptees
    • Support Amerasians in their quest for citizenship and closure
    • Creating an International DNA database to link together families torn apart because of the Vietnam War
    • Search assistance and support while sharing experience strength and hope
  • Creating a wiki for the adoption community

Estimated overall budget for the project

Period of time for which funds are being requested

Benefiting Location(s)
United States and other countries like the U.K., France, Australia, and Vietnam

Ford Foundation Contact (if applicable)


Upload a supplementary document (max 200MB)


Sample Proposal to Create:

Operation Reunite
Global (United States, Canada, France, UK, and Australia

  • Cover letter
  • Executive Summary
  • Grant proposal narrative

1 * Statement of purpose
2 * Needs Statement
3 * Process narrative
4 * Key personnel
5 * Audience
6 * Evaluation
7 * Summary

  • Budget

Program Summary

Trista Researched:
______ New RFP due July 1st 2009 emailed the contact if we could qualify and still waiting a relpy…I wanted to see if my organization, Operation Reunite, would qualify for this grant if we focus on adoptees that were brought into homes throughout the world at a young age but now have grown with the understanding and compassion that revisiting their past can be healing. Let me know if we would qualify to apply for this grant even though most of the adoptees are in their mid thirties but have issues that still haunt us from our childhood.

Community Action Council Grants
Applications from nonprofits located in communities with General Mills manufacturing and mill facilities should submit applications directly to their local Community Action Council between June 1 and February 1 of each year.
Our Community Action Councils help to review requests from nonprofit organizations in and around (within a 50 mile radius) the following communities:

Carson and Los Angeles
Pedro Labayen & Adam Page
1055 E. Sandhill Avenue
Carson, CA 90746

NEW JERSEY $50,000-60,000 grants (a percent of out of focus grants are issued per year)

Diane Berni
500 West Elmer Road
Vineland, NJ 08360
856-691-1565 Ext 147
moc.slliMneG|inreB.enaiD#moc.slliMneG|inreB.enaiD Diane will send us the link to submit a proposal!!!!

Amerasian and DNA program

WK Kellogg Foundation (clear directions on how to apply and kinds of projects they look for)
Nine Northeastern region of US. To non-profits. “The vast majority of the grants we make support practical and innovative programming that supports children, families, communities, and community-serving organizations striving to make a difference in the lives of children, especially the most vulnerable. In addition, grants for operating support, endowments, corporate gifts, and program-related investments are provided in special and strategic circumstances. “
We can use the grant for DNA project.

We can use these grants for Amerasian Project and/or Reunion 2010.
The Hearst Foundation
“The Hearst Foundations work with comprehensive direct-service organizations that foster effective solutions to social and economic problems. Priority is given to efforts that enable children, youth and families to lead productive and independent lives. The Foundations’ interest include family support services, domestic violence and child abuse prevention, after-school programs, youth development, literacy, housing and homelessness, job training, economic development, and programs for older adults.”

Miscellaneous Grants
Should we start a program to help the Amerasians understand the importance of books for their children? Is this too much work to develop a program for only a $500 grant?

Request For Proposal
Posted on April 8, 2009
printprint e-mail
Deadline: April 15, 2009 ; and October 1, 2009

Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends, and Foundations and Nordstrom to Award Matching Books for Babies Grants

In partnership with Nordstrom, the Association of Library Trustees, Advocates, Friends, and Foundations, a division of the American Library Association, will award twenty grants of $500 each to match $1,000 raised by selected Friends of the Library groups, women's groups, libraries, and other nonprofit organizations to purchase Books for Babies kits from ALTAFF.

Books for Babies is a national literacy program that acquaints parents of newborns with the important role they play in the development of their children. Parents are presented with a Books for Babies kit containing a board book, baby's first library card, and a variety of brochures with reading tips and early literacy information from nationally recognized educational organizations.

Any type of nonprofit organization with a current program or interest in starting a Books for Babies program is encouraged to apply.

Ten grants will be awarded in each of two cycles. The deadline for the first round of grants has been extended to April 15, 2009. An additional ten matching grants will be awarded in October with an application deadline of October 1.

Additional information and the application form can be found at the ALTAFF Web site.

Link to Complete RFP

Primary Subject: Children and Youth
Secondary Subject(s): Education
Geographic Funding Area: National


Tricia Houston researched:
April 1 at 11:43pm
I just looked up grants from Harpo, CNN, and Target and we don't qualify within the guidelines.

Tricia Houston
April 1 at 11:54pm

Ford Foundation - grant information. I think we fit the bill here to work for Vietnam. However, does the money have to be spent in the region of Honoi.

I remember Tiffany Chi went through the Ford Foundation for her teaching grant.
Inquiry | Grants | Ford Foundation

Trista Goldberg
April 2 at 10:14am
That's wonderful! Searching around any company's "community work" or "social responsibility" pages would be great. The Ford Foundation is going to be a grant we seek later since the Amerasian and DNA project will need many monster grants. I don't want waste a application on them for the reunion grant or project grant yet. Who knows, they might accept more than one grant a year. Lets read it over. Here are some other organizations you can research their foundations. See if we could qualify, the Grant amount, deadline date, and any other information.

Does anyone have time to read over these websites? There's going to be a lot of information but just see what you can find…dates and if we qualify.

WK Kellogg Foundation (clear directions on how to apply and kinds of projects they look for)

The Hearst Foundation

Authur M.Blank Foundation

Joyce Foundation (lists what grants were for)

Verizon (eligibility test)

Grantmakers concerened with Immigration and Regugees


Here are some more…
Omidyar Network | ON
Omidyar Network is committed to creating and fostering opportunity for people around the world.

Tricia: We can use this grant for our Reunion 2010. When I looked under “other” reward recipients, there were organizations that benefited worldly causes. Therefore, we might as well put ourselves in that category of “other” and explain we are benefiting the first generation Vietnamese adoptees with their journey of self-discovery of culture. (posted 4/26/09)


Thanks again for all of your help and I am new to this grant process so lets learn it together:)

Grants we aren't eligible to apply for:
April 1 at 1:53pm

Here is another grant. Due April 17th and the prize is $5000.. It might be a stretch but it's worth a try. I wonder if we would qualify if we are working with adoptees in that age bracket. We look like we are 24 years old:)

Any help from the planning committee is appreciated.

Most of the questions are similar for RFPs. Once we get the jargon down it's just cut and paste to submit the applications. Then it's the waiting game. It's also a numbers game. The more RFP sent out than the better chance for funding.

Trista Goldberg
April 1 at 9:11pm
Scrap the the General Mills RFP since we don't meet the requirements. I doesn't hurt to practice answering the questions since they are all very similar.

To be eligible for a Celebrating Communities of Color grant, an applicant must be a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, a school, or a unit of government, and be located in and serving diverse populations in the Twin Cities metro area (Anoka, Carver, Dakota, Hennepin, Ramsey, Scott, and Washington counties). Organizations must apply for project support; the program does not award grants for operating or capital support.

Trista Goldberg
April 1 at 10:31pm
I think we can qualify for the Staples grant. Read it over. Look at last years winners. They are clearly over 24 and OR helps adptees of 2nd generation adoptees.

New list of grants added 4/13/09:
_______ immigration and Refugees International affairs donated gifts documentary films
delta Airlines Inc. Corp. Giving Program —Free air travel

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